Friday, May 09, 2008


So it's official--I'm a weiner--this is the second time that I've over-reacted to something that someone has said to me that kind of hit close to home, even though there might not have been a cause to. I say might because at the time it seemed perfectly justifiable, sort of like one of those "in the heat of the moment" kind of deals. I feel bad to have gone overboard like that, but to have spent twenty eight years on this earth without a girlfriend, or any hope of having love isn't the easiest thing to have dealt with when there are people who've had all kinds of experiences and have no idea what I'm talking about... I bet the geekiest guy (or girl) on the forums that I visit have been asked out, or have gone out on dates, or have been kissed. (In fact--I know so!) Me? Well, what can I say: the less said the better perhaps!

But I've always buoyed myself with the thought that I'll ultimately get the chance to do all those things with the woman I'm going to fall in love with, and hopefully marry, and spend the rest of my life living with. So, it sort of wreaks havoc on your mental state when other people try and find fault with your chance of accomplishing it (however slim that may be).

I thought I'd write about something else today but this was at the top of my mind. I wanted to relay to anyone who might be listening that I'd gone for my first BA Second year paper and it wasn't too bad, I've got five more papers to go though. And then I'll have just one more year and I'll finally be a graduate; I'd dropped out after high-school--looooooong story! So, today, as I was taking the seat that was assigned to me, I looked on the desk and read the following graffiti scribbled on it: I do इश्क with तुमसे। (Translation ~ I make love with you.) The perfect way to start an exam--don't you think!?

Besides that--the cold war between my sister and mom has finally thawed--I'd mentioned to my sis that Mother's day was coming up a few days ago, and that it would be the perfect opportunity for her to make good with my mom, but at the time she just winced at the suggestion. Today, after I'd come home from prayers I saw my mom and sister chatting, casually--just like they used to. I didn't want to say anything since I didn't want to bring too much of attention to the fact that they were actually "talking" again, so I kept my mouth shut and went upstairs, glad that the whole debacle of them avoiding each other had ceased. A few minutes later, my sister joined me upstairs, closed the bedroom door behind her, opened her closet, and took out the cards that she had just bought for my mom for Mother's day: They're beautiful, and right now--she's in the kitchen baking a cake for her... it's a three-tiered Black Forest cake!

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